Connect your message with millions of people while they commute and are completely disconnected from digital forms of advertisement.  As you know digital marketing has taken over the advertisement world, take advantage of the on average 65 minutes a day people spend traveling to and from work. Turn the disadvantage of digital marketing, into your advantage, Your Canvas.

An example of a 48 foot moving billboard.


We connect you with advertisement space on the side of tractor trailers.  Have your brand seen on trailers running between Toronto, Milton, Belleville and Peterborough Ontario on a daily basis.  Your advertisement will travel on average 50,000 km per year along some of the busiest highways in North America.

Be noticed with up to 1026 square feet of advertisement space per trailer.  Captivate millions of people each month at a cost much less than print or radio advertising.

Why outside mobile advertising works;

·  You can not change the channel

·  You can not ignore it

·  It reaches drivers & passengers no matter what radio station they are listening to

·  Audience also includes pedestrians and onlookers

·  The larger, colourful, innovative designs demand attention

·  You have exclusivity in your space

·  It delivers to a broader audience

Get noticed while people spend their time in traffic undistracted by digital advisement. Contact us today for an individualized quote.

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